What is DZINN?

DZINN is an Irish owned online marketplace for local services. We help customers connect with, and hire, the best-suited professionals for all their service needs


What services does Dzinn provide?

Dzinn helps help connect customers to different service providers. This includes but not limited to plumbers, electrician, software engineers, tutors, drivers etc. Please browse our categories to know more.


How do I sign up?

Signing up and creating an account on DZINN is free. Go to www.dzinnapp.com and select the sign-up button. You can sign up using your email or Gmail account.

After you sign up, be sure to complete your profile under your account by verifying email and adding bank details. You'll also be able to add details such as skills, verifications and portfolio attachments.


How do I get in touch with the professional?

You just post a task that you want to get done. Describe in detail about what you want to get done, also add your budget for the job and then wait for the professionals to get in touch with you by bidding on your task. You can choose anyone based on their price, experience and existing reviews in the required task.


How do I get in touch with DZINN?

You can get in touch via our website or app by using the ‘Connect with Admin’ option.


What do I put in the different fields of the Task, while posting?

A good description of the work ask in the task will help you get more accurate bids. Please see below expectations of what needs to be put in the different field:

·         Online/Offline*: This signifies if the task can be done online itself (website design, data entry, etc.) or if it requires a person to be physically available (plumbing, gardening, etc.).

·         Title*: Crisp title to describe what you need to get done.

·         Description*: Detailed Description of what is the ask for the service providers. Please provide as much info as possible to get accurate bids.

·         Budget: What is your ideal estimated budget to get this task done?

·         To Be Completed By*: What is the last date by which you want to get this task done by?

·         Tag: Dzinn allows task search by tags, so put any tags you might think will help find your task quicker.

·         Bid Type*: This is a unique feature to Dzinn, allowing user to either to have open or close bids. Please see the difference between these bids below:

o   Open Bid: The bids by taskers on this task will be visible to each other, resulting in natural competition on bids on the task.

o   Closed Bids: The bids on this task will only be visible to the poster, allowing poster to drive bid prices on the task.

·         Category: What category does the task belong in?

·         Subcategory: What sub-category within the category does the task belong in?


How do I file a dispute?

For any disputes, please contact us via the ‘Connect with Admin’ and we will try to resolve your issues. For more info, check out the Terms & Conditions.


How do reviews work?

Reviews help people trust in our community by creating an easy, honest and reliable way for members to know what to expect from others. Whether you’ve posted a task or you’ve completed one, telling us how it went honestly and fairly gives a great guide for the community.